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  1. NEW TO FZ-09 - Any and all info helps!

    FZ-09 General Discussion
    I just bought my dream bike, the 2014 (any year works for me) fz-09 with 13,000 miles. Has Traction from fork cartridges, Penske double clicker rear shock, GPR steering damper, oxford heated grips (surprising to me) and a Corbin gunfighter seat. Seems like everything else is stock. It's exactly...
  2. Is my rear suspension okay? 2014 FZ 09

    FZ-09 Performance & Suspension
    Unfortunately I don't know enough about suspension. The body of my rear suspension is cracked. Is this just a cover? Is it okay? Can I replace just that piece or will I need to by an entire new rear shock?
  3. 14-16' Akrapovic Carbon exhaust

    Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Hi I have an Akrapovic exhaust system for sale for a 14-16' its the carbon one with the cool Loop. Shipping is expensive so you would have to help me out on that. Looking for 650. Has a small little mark on the side. So thats 650 obo located in Syracuse NY. Looks and sounds great. I maybe put...
  4. For sale: Stock 2014 FZ09 Exhaust

    Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Hello mates, I'm selling my 2014 stock exhaust for anyone whos interested. Its off my bike (now totaled due to car hitting me) when I swapped it out with my Full Carbon Akrapovic only after about 300 miles new from the dealer. Its in new condition. Since I don't have the bike anymore, I have no...
  5. FZ-09 for sale - Southern Indiana

    FZ-09 For Sale / Wanted
    Liquid Graphite FZ-09 for sale - Southern Indiana 2014 : FZ-09 : Liquid Graphite - SOLD Purchased in March. 4,xxx miles. Proper break-in. Fresh from 2nd dealership service. All service records included. Extended warranty. Garage kept. Hand washed after each ride. Owned with great care. No...
  6. WHAT?? Another Racer with Golden Forks and 9er stamp!? Who drew it up first...

    Other Bikes
    Who drew it up first... Yamaha or BMW? Meet BMW 2014 R 9T Ok.. Well.. Well then how about a ZERO to complete the circle