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About vcyclenut
I'm 43 years old, married to an amazing woman and father of two awesome girls. They are my life and number one priority.

My life with motorcycles started when I would ride sitting on my fathers tank because I was too small to sit behind him. When I was 9 I got my first bike, a 1971 Honda XR75, It was the best Christmas gift I ever got:). Within a short time I graduated to two strokes. Shortly after that my father got sick of rebuilding them for me and taught me how to rebuild the top end of my bike.

From then, until about 2000, I worked on my own bikes and cars. I messed up plenty of things along the way. I eventually got to the point that I was doing valve adjustments on shim under bucket motors for myself and for friends.

In 2000, I started road racing, using my street bike at the time a 1999 R6. I couldn't afford to pay someone to tune it so I learned as I went. I degreed the cams, added a thinner head gasket, made some air filter and air box mods, and spent a full day on a dyno tuning the carbs. There were four of them, so every adjustment would take about an hour and I would stink like gas for days. By the end of the day my r6 was putting just shy of 120 hp to the wheel on nutec fuel and 114 on pump gas. It didn't take long for word to get out and soon I was tuning other R6's.

In 2002 I bought my first fuel injected bike, a brand new GSXR750. I put 500 miles on it and turned it into a race bike. I added a full exhaust and then a fuel nanny for fuel control. Originally I was intimidated by fuel injection but soon loved that I could make changes just by turning a couple potentiometers. The fuel nanny was pretty crude and just like setting up carburetors were a compromise of settings.

Fast forward a few years and I'm riding a 2006 R1. I came up with the contraption pictured below to make custom fuel maps. It data logged air fuel ratio vs rpm vs throttle position. This worked REALLY well but took a long time and many miles of riding to tune each bike. I used this device for a couple years on many of my own and customers bikes .

The introduction of the PCV and autotuner was a big deal for me. There was a definite learning curve to get the best out of it but it was so much quicker once I did

In 2012 I bought a new R1 and the original flash tune device and a whole new world opened to me. I could not believe the adjustments and improvements I could make. I quickly realized this was a great opportunity. So I set about developing complete flashes for my bike first stock then with a slip on and then with a y pipe added and then with a full system. I put an add on e bay and flashed by vcyclenut was launched. That was September of 2012.

After a few months of the positive feedback rolling in, I started to get a lot of requests for R6's and 07-08 R1's. I found a few people locally that allowed me to use their bikes as guinea pigs to develop these flashes. Soon I was flashing all three bikes.

Things were going along very smoothly, nothing crazy till about March of 2014 when a customer of mine recommended me to the R6 forum page on face book. Since then it has been pretty crazy as my reputation expanded I just kept getting more and more busy.

A few months after its introduction I saw an FZ09 in person. For me, it was one of those, "ohh I got to have that", kinda moments. Then when I researched it and found the ECU was almost as adjustable as an R1 and R6. My mind was made up, and an FZ09 soon resided next to the R1. I am taking the same steps to develop flashes for it.

I have developed my flashes from the ground up with smoothness of throttle, power delivery, and fun being my number one priorities. Peak hp gains vary from model to model and can be significant but any peak hp gain is just a bonus. The bike will feel smoother and more powerful throughout the power band. When you twist the throttle on a bike tuned by flashed by vcyclenut you will see exactly what I mean.
fort myers, florida
motorcycles, music, bodybuilding, and my family
flasher :)


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