On the early stages before of purchasing my XSR it was crystal clear that the clubman bar is a mast. So the Yamaha clubman bar was ordered on the purchasing event.
The installation was not butter smooth, due to the clutch cable routing, however it was done.

On the first rides, i have felt exhausted after 30 minutes of ride, trying not to lean on my arms and to maintain a loos bar grip.
Its seams that when doing urban ride there are lots of cons:
- Stock mirrors are on exact hight of all other cars mirrors, so when trying to move between the standing cars on the read light on heavy traffic with narrow lane.
- Vision ahead over the in front cars, is damaged and it is impossible to sea far ahead.
- It is tiring and it is easy to find yourself leaning on your arms.
- Wheelies are not so easy (at list for me).

However on twisties, it is still hard (trying to avoid leaning on the arms) but, when putting the chest on the tank while the legs hold and hug the tank things are changing, the feeling is as the bar is on its perfect position enables the arms to be loos and relaxed. The handling and maneuvering becomes raiser sharp.

Mostly using my XSR on weekends, doing twisties discharging some adrenalin.
At the time been, i am still with the clubman bar, however thoughts of replacing it did pass my head.

5,000 Km (3,125M) with Yamaha clubman bar report-img_8631.jpg
5,000 Km (3,125M) with Yamaha clubman bar report-img_5482.jpg