Throttle valve issues - please help
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Throttle valve issues - please help

This is a discussion on Throttle valve issues - please help within the FZ-09 General Discussion forums, part of the Yamaha FZ-09 Forums category; Hello, so I am a new member here coming for help, first of all sorry for my English. I own a motor from bike Yamaha ...

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Thread: Throttle valve issues - please help

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    Throttle valve issues - please help

    Hello, so I am a new member here coming for help, first of all sorry for my English. I own a motor from bike Yamaha MT09 2015 and it seems to have problems with ECU.
    When I turn the key ON it will not start because the throttle bodies are always closed.. they wont open when the motor is starting or when it runs. When I turn the ignition ON, the relay is working, the fuel pump is working, sparks are ok, fuel injectors are ok but the throttle valve is always closed. I can start the motor only by opening the throttle valves by pushing them by hand and the motor runs ok without problems..
    So next thing I tried to connect a 6 volt battery to the servo motor that opens the throttle and they open very nice so the servo motor is ok, also fuse "ETV" is ok. I checked all the wiring, all connectors, all fuses, relay, all sensors, I tried disconnecting all the sensors and nothing is working.
    The problem is that ECU is NOT giving power to the servo motor. When the motor runs it has also no response from the "gas pedal". What could be blocking the ECU to not open the throttle valve? I said it is running smoothly when I open them with hand, when I release them the motor dies.. I have to mention that last thing that has been done to ECU is that it has turned off the immobiliser by "professional" without opening the cover of ECU
    I am desperate please help.. I was trying everything for like 5 days now. I could go for Yamaha diagnostic but the nearest dealer is like 40 km away from me but I think I have no choice. All info will be appreciated.

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    If someone has hacked the immobiliser, you will have to get that sorted by a dealer. Or the "pro" that did it. Pray that the ECU isn't screwed.
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    My guess would be the "accelerator position sensor" but then I noticed your statement about somebody screwing around with the ECU so more than likely that's your problem.
    I would keep the "professional" away from any further experiments and seek out a dealer or try to find a used ECU.
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