Review - T-Rex Racing Motorcycle Protection (Sliders, guards, etc)
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Review - T-Rex Racing Motorcycle Protection (Sliders, guards, etc)

This is a discussion on Review - T-Rex Racing Motorcycle Protection (Sliders, guards, etc) within the MT-09 Forum forums, part of the Yamaha MT-09 category; After searching for bike protection components for my new MT09 I settled on T-Rex because it seemed like great value and I couldn't find anyone ...

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Thread: Review - T-Rex Racing Motorcycle Protection (Sliders, guards, etc)

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    Review - T-Rex Racing Motorcycle Protection (Sliders, guards, etc)

    After searching for bike protection components for my new MT09 I settled on T-Rex because it seemed like great value and I couldn't find anyone with quality issues. As you will see, this was regretful and maybe I didn't look hard enough. I figured a review it in order for anyone interested.

    I bought the kit from T-Rex directly:

    Some components installed.

    I will say the front axle slider, swing arm sliders (though 6mm bolt sliders?), and the frame sliders, seem of good quality; The hardware is not and doesn't thread into the frame nearly as easily as the OEM flange bolts. The frame sliders are really nice looking, actually. I'm suspect of their engineering effort, but these parts actually bolted up with no alarming results.

    So, the rear axle sliders.

    The set screw doesn't align. "Easy" "fix" with a file and some elbow grease.

    I installed the rear slider, uninstalled to adjust the chain, decided not to, reinstalled and:

    The rod sheared when installing to specified torque on the 2nd time; I never actually ran it on the bike or anything. It had rust on the inside (found out after removing) and was also bent on the opposite end that broke. I have a theory here but it's just hearsay.

    No, it's not levitating.

    This is an outer powder coat or paint. Am I to believe this rusted in the few days I had it in my garage? Some companies chemically coat these things.

    Additionally, the rod is too thin (~1mm wall with 8mm OD and M6 threads) to carry the tensile load it sees from only the applied torque of 10 lbf-ft. After breaking out the mechanics of materials textbook to refresh my memory, it looks like about 74,400psi of stress (513MPa) which is higher than the yield strength of a lot of mild and alloy steels. That means it stretches elastically until it breaks.

    On to the left case cover which has clearance holes for the screws which are so big they cause the washers to cone.

    This flat washer is not flat.


    Notice anything about these holes? THEY'RE NOT THE SAME SIZE!

    I didn't bother to install the right hand side. I think they could be good if the design was refined a bit.

    Little details like clearance for washers. This is wedged in there.

    The instructions say 70mm length only, there are 70mm and 65mm, which is correct and good, but not distinguished in the instructions.

    T-Rex did accept a return and I ended up with about 80% of my money since I "broke" parts and had to pay return shipping. Prior to returning, I outlined all of these items to them, with photos, and they passed it to their design team, responding after about 2 days each time. Hopefully they'll improve this stuff, but I don't think I'll pay money for their parts again. I realize I'm probably a bit more critical than the average person, but this info would have saved me some time and energy.

    I'm a cheap bastard and love deals but I'm still sort of learning that sometimes you get what you pay for. I did replace all of this stuff with Givi bars and Woodcraft sliders/spools for the same price.

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    I had issues when ordering replacement pucks for the sliders on my last bike (zx6r). The new pucks came in and the holes for attaching to the bracket didn't line up at all. I simply drilled new holes in the pucks and moved on with my life and decided this was probably due to a couple years between the originals and the replacement pucks. I assumed they made some revisions to the design and thus the reason for new mounting holes. If you look t-rex racing up online there are some terrible reviews on their stuff for fitment and install. I chanced it with the kit I bought for my MT-09 and to my luck everything installed with no issues. I've taken the rear axle slider off a couple times and reinstalled and the bar that the two outer pieces thread into isn't something to be desired but mine has yet to break. After seeing what you've experienced I may make my own replacement bar to have some more piece of mind as to what's protecting my bike. Good write up though and had my slider kit been like yours I would've been quite frustrated.

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