:..Want the '18 MT-09 / currently on '12 Supa10..:
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:..Want the '18 MT-09 / currently on '12 Supa10..:

This is a discussion on :..Want the '18 MT-09 / currently on '12 Supa10..: within the MT-09 Forum forums, part of the Yamaha MT-09 category; Hello and thank you for this forum. I am very interested in the MT-09 scoot & wanted to give you all a little background in ...

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Thread: :..Want the '18 MT-09 / currently on '12 Supa10..:

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    Question :..Want the '18 MT-09 / currently on '12 Supa10..:

    Hello and thank you for this forum.

    I am very interested in the MT-09 scoot & wanted to give you all a little background in my style of riding & types of bikes I have/have had.

    Currently on a 1st Gen '12 Yamaha Super Tenere' - totally kitted for tarmac long haul touring : Parabellum 24" screen, wings, Jesse Bags, CBT rear rack, Rigid light bar etc etc

    I could (*and HAVE*) do 2 weeks in the mountains with this sled set-up as I have it currently. Swiss Army knife of bikes. Terrific wind managed hauler and have a Staintune can along with a re-flash of the CPU that makes it an all out hoon bike also.

    I've owned other Yamaha's, BMW's, Triumph's - but this is the first scoot I've owned from new for 7 years running.

    Now to my question for y'all :

    I have the lust for the MT-09/MT-10, however I am heavily leaning towards the MT-09 for a few reasons :

    Pros : lighter weight, exciting triple mill, electronics, back to a naked bike hoonin'.!!

    Cons : no cruise control (*I have and can get around that though*), [more?] exciting crossplane 4, windscreen options.

    So, talk to me -- why would I love the MT-09 over my Super Tenere'..?

    My wife put the kabash to me riding alone to the mountains (2 hard days and 1800 miles just to get to inner Colorado from almost Cincinnati)

    So, I'd be trailering to the mountains in air conditioned comfort with my Subaru...hec, I could sleep in it if need be.

    I await your answers....and thank you again for the forum.!!

    Blessings :

    Versailles, IN

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    I went from the S-10 to the MT-09. I have a 2018 and never regretted it. Itís good to get back to the basic and simple pleasures of riding a hooligan bike. The triple mill is one of the funnest Iíve owned. If I ever do want to get back on to an adventure bike, Iíll likely go with the A-Twin. But for now, I love the MT.

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    rHad an 09, then a 10. Seriously, the balance and c.o.g. of the 10 made the weight difference non-existent to me. Loved the triple, but loved the crossplane 4 even more. Both really sweet engines. The 10 had cruise, of course, which worked nicely. The minimal wind spoiler lip on the 10 worked amazingly well up to 100 mph+. The 09 was very challenging to achieve decent wind protection. Once I put HH sintered pads front and rear, the ABS on the 10 was brilliant. I swapped bikes for a day ride with a friend for his Tuono V4. His bike was superb, but I was happy to be back on the 10. It was just right for me, whereas the Tuono was too aggressive and required more full time focus.

    The only downside of the 10 vs the 09 was the gas mileage. 32-34 mpg versus the 09s 45 mpg. At around 120 miles, youíre looking for the nearest gas pump.

    You need to test ride both.

    By the way, I went from the 10 to a BMW F700GS. Big change, but the right one for me. As you already know, ADV bikes are unmatchable for rider comfort on any road surface. Being a one bike owner, thatís my number one priority. If you keep your Tenere and add a hooligan into the mix, both MTs are excellent choices.
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    Hi hANNAbONE,

    I remember you from the Sporttouring forum.

    I am not sure that the MT-09 is the complete answer for you. Bearing in mind where you have come from (very important), I would have thought that either of the two 900 Tracer models would be a more fulfilling replacement for the S10. After deciding to keep my RT, I chose the MT-09 because it overlapped less with my other bike.
    Had I decided to sell the RT, I would have bought the Tracer.

    The Tracer GT has a very complete specification while managing to be at least 100 lbs lighter than the S10.

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    Cool! The fz 09 really is one heck of a lot of fun...gets me smiling like a 4 year old at Christmas every time I swing a leg over the saddle! As somebody once mentioned, its like a really fast bicycle!! Congrats on the purchase and enjoy your new ride!

    P.S. biggest bang for the buck mod has got to be the quick shifter
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    Nice one, looks good in that livery.
    I thought the Mt-09 was more 'fun' than the Mt-10 and that sealed it for me. Otherwise, of course, the Mt-10 in SP guide is excellent.
    2019 Yamaha MT-09 SP
    Matching solo seat cowl
    Billet levers
    Carbon frame infil
    Fender extenda

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