Good day,

First of all I want to sorry for my technical English grammar.

I have MT-09 tracer, 2016. And I have two annoying problems.

1.I feel strong hook-up Every time I close throttle to ride slow with engine braking on still turned gear, and after I open throttle.
This problem doesn't feel when you ride straight on higher speed, but when you are riding in mountains serpentine, or in small track with very sharp turns and even turnings and you ride with 2-3 gear. When you are riding on standard mode the problem is so so tolerable but when you are on sport mode it is really bad and even dangerous, because you have to accelerate slowly to exit from turn and at this moment you have hook-up.
I have adjusted chain slack and throttle free-play. It is better but still not ok.
Dealer says it is normal and they wouldn't find anything.

2. I feel some vibration and rattle in clutch unit. Rattle feels on N position with released clutch lever and there is no rattle with pressed clutch.
This rattle feels then you are riding behind the car ant try to keep and balance the same speed with no accelerating or slowing. And the most feels on 3000-4000 rpm.
Dealer says they wouldn't find anything because it is normal for yamaha and clutch isn't under warranty.

Motorcycle has 25000 km, without wheelies and off road

Thank you for helping.