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2014 MT-09 engine vibrations

This is a discussion on 2014 MT-09 engine vibrations within the Yamaha FZ-09 Common Problems/Issues forums, part of the Yamaha FZ-09 Garage category; BUMP.....

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Thread: 2014 MT-09 engine vibrations

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    Quote Originally Posted by EvilGorilla View Post
    Hello fellow bikers,

    I'm facing a vibration problem on the bike which can be felt through the footpegs and handlebars when cruising and hard acceleration from 6000RPM to 7500RPM. The vibrations sort of feels like riding through small rocks. Vibrations are gone when clutch is pulled in. The bike is smooth when it's outside of the 6-7.5k RPM range. I know vibrations are normal for 3cyl bikes but the vibrations at this RPM range is enough to damage my phone's camera stabilization module and gives me numb limbs only after 1 hour of ride.

    I've changed the clutch thinking it's broken but everything was fine when I opened it up. So I did the upgrades anyways. I've brought it to the local agent as well but the problem still persists.

    Bike setup as below :
    Akrapovic Ti full system (no baffle & de-cat)
    Gecko Friction plates
    Gecko Steel plates
    Extreme Creations Clutch Basket
    Brand new clutch boss (original Yamaha)
    EBC HD clutch springs
    Puig Engine sliders
    R&G full engine cover
    CO value @ 14-14-14

    Bike details:
    2014 MT-09
    Bike used in Tropical country
    Current mileage 33222km
    First noticed vibrations - 22000km
    Bike serviced every 3000km with Castrol Power 1 10W-40
    New NGK spark plugs @ 25k km
    New OEM air filter @ 28k km
    New OEM sprocket @ 28k km
    New DID 525 gold chain @ 25k km
    New OEM rear sprocket @ 32k km
    Changed clutch system at 32k km
    Throttle body balancing & cleaning @ 32k km
    Michelin Road 5 @ 32k km

    I've tried lowering the CO values to 6-4-6 and the vibrations seems to be less but it's still there.

    Really appreciate if anyone has any idea on what could be wrong or have any possible fixes to share.
    I suspect it is the mods you made to the clutch that is causing the vibration. Good luck chasing this down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrNofi View Post
    I suspect it is the mods you made to the clutch that is causing the vibration. Good luck chasing this down.
    Yeah, sometimes parts from four different manufacturers don't work together like they should.
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