Tire Pressure Question
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Tire Pressure Question

This is a discussion on Tire Pressure Question within the FZ-09 Wheels & Tires forums, part of the Yamaha FZ-09 Garage category; Hey Guys, so I have been reading some of the past post about tire pressure, and what different people are running. I understand that the ...

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Thread: Tire Pressure Question

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    Tire Pressure Question

    Hey Guys,
    so I have been reading some of the past post about tire pressure, and what different people are running. I understand that the stated tire pressure in the manual and on the swing arm (36 F/42 R), is for max load, way to firm for one up riding. My question is this, I get lowering the tire pressure, and from what I have been playing with, it makes a difference in traction and ride comfort, but when changing tire pressure, should you keep the 6lb air pressure difference between front and rear? Is there a reason that the factory is using that much a difference between front and rear? Does the lower pressure on the front tire help the bike lean a little more forward, keeping more weight on the front tire for better traction? Just some questions I was thinking about and was curious as to what other thought....Thanks Guys...


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    Because passengers sit on the rear seat?

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    I run 30/30 cold pressure for general riding. And yes, for carrying a passenger or lots of stuff on the rear of the bike is the reason for the 6 lb difference between the front and rear.....if max. PAYLOAD is what you need.
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    Sub'd for info... I have just been following the posted pressure on the triple tree since I've had the bike. Curious what others do... Coworker scolded me for running 42 in the rear this past weekend saying that is "wayyyyy too much"...
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    ok..so now the 6lbs difference makes sense to me...payload....with the suspension work done and new piolet powers on the bike. I have found 32 f 36 rear to be a good ride, but after the reading that i have done on here, im thinking of trying 32/34 or 30/34.....thanks guys

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    Just chiming in after playing around with 3 sets of S21s, about 220lbs with gear, listed as cold temps.

    Usually run 32F/34R. For longer road trips, I bump it up a few lbs, 34/36 to get a bit better mileage when I’m not going to be pushing it very hard. At the track, running 28F/29R to get the tires to heat up/ correct psi increase.
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    I'm running 34/36 as per the Michelin recommendations. It feels good.
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    I run 36/38. Grip is good for street riding and I like the way the tires wear. I’ve got 4500 mi on a set of S21s with some tread left. Not bad for moderately fast riding on mostly twisty local roads.


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    I recommend you call your tire manufacturer, they are very helpful.

    That being said I heard the following for roadSmart 3 tires for my weight 195 in gear.

    2 up: 36/42
    1 up: 36/ 36-38
    Spirited: 34/32
    Track: 32/30

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