Penske double clicker noise
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Penske double clicker noise

This is a discussion on Penske double clicker noise within the FZ-09 Performance & Suspension forums, part of the Yamaha FZ-09 Garage category; Allright guys, i feel dumb to post here as I havent had a chance to adjust anything yet on the rear shock since I noticed ...

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Thread: Penske double clicker noise

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    Penske double clicker noise

    Allright guys, i feel dumb to post here as I havent had a chance to adjust anything yet on the rear shock since I noticed the sound (wheels off for powdercoating)

    So long story short, havent noticed this before before puting the bike in storage for winter. Fast forward 4 months, as I sat on the bike and started compressing the suspension in the garage, i noticed a fairly loud thunk coming from the rear shock. It makes the whole subframe shake that I can even feel it under my butt. Once the suspension is compressed and i lift all the weight of the bike (standing over it), noise happens upon full extension only.
    I raised the rear by 7 8mm last year as that was the max recomended by stoltec and tought that might have been the culprit, but with a help of a buddy we didnt see any contact with the shock and linkage upon full extension.

    Is it possible that the shock is just not adjusted properly and is fully extending without me on the bike, thus making the noise? Too much rebound?

    If i sit on it and compress the suspension while keeping my weight on the bike, everything is normal, it happens only once compressed and and unloaded suddenly.

    I dont trust my stands to fiddle with it yet but it's got me wondering ehat it might be.

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    Two things come to mind. When you are running the shock at the longest length (+8mm), at the linkage end of the shock, the outer edge of the spring could be coming in contact with the linkage at full extension. Or, back in the day the Yamaha dirt bikes were famous for the “Yamaha Jangle”. The bushings at the shock ends would get sloppy and allow for a few mm of up and down movement or play before the shock actually moved.
    Use your kickstand to lean the bike over more and take weight off the rear wheel to see if there is spring contact with the linkage or bad tolerances on the bushings on the shock.

    I have a shock that is 8mm longer and I had to turn the bottom of the spring retainer so the opening is toward the linkage so the shock would not hit the linkage. And my bike has a little “play” in it too. Annoying.

    Take care,

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