So bit of background... I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to suspension setups. When I picked up my FZ back in 2014 I knew the front was sprung for a very light rider and the preload was dialed all the way in. So I left it as is and had been riding happily (ignorance is bliss right?) since then. Well; I needed a new project and the front end is really the only thing on this bike I haven't touched so I figure why not give it a shot and see what I can learn/feel. I picked up stoltec's springs and fork oil. I was going to do his valve/piston kit but decided I'd do this first and gradually jump in to front end suspension so as to appreciate the steps and not overwhelm myself up right out of the gate.

So my question here is that I'm struggling to get the sag set to 30% of the total travel. I'm reading (and seeing) ~5.4" of fork travel and with the preload all the way out I'm right at about 1.4" of sag where I am shooting for 1.75". Is the only factor here the spring rate or am I missing something?

Any tips for setting damping?? I sat out in the garage bouncing the front end for about half an hour Sunday night and couldn't hardly get a feel for any differences except for max vs min. Everything in between felt pretty consistent as far as I could tell.

I will say that on my way in to work today the front brake dive was almost completely gone, and the "washboard" part of the interstate I hit for about a quarter of a mile every day felt less harsh. I'm tempted to just dial the damping all the way in and then out with rides so I can get a taste of the extremes. Maybe that'll help with finding what I want.

Anyway, any insight would be appreciated. Like I mentioned; just trying to get educated on the real world side of things. I've been reading through racetechs suspension bible the past few weeks after looking in to the springs. Does great explaining what is happening, but translating that to what I'm actually feeling is where I'm struggling a bit.