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Member VIN List (in one post)

This is a discussion on Member VIN List (in one post) within the FZ-09 General Discussion forums, part of the Yamaha FZ-09 Forums category; This is a list of all posted member VIN #s (last 3 digits) thus far (combined from the two threads: thread 1 and thread 2 ...

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Thread: Member VIN List (in one post)

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    Post Member VIN List (in one post)

    This is a list of all posted member VIN #s (last 3 digits) thus far (combined from the two threads: thread 1 and thread 2)

    note: Subscript indicates a wrecked bike. Bold indicates sequential numbers. Based on folks on this list - JYARN33NXEA is a Canada bike. JYARN33E0, JYARN33EX,JYARN33E7, JYARN33E9 & JYARN33E3 are prefixes for non CA bikes (so far), JARN33Y3, JYARN33Y8 and JYARN33Y6 are CA bikes. Looks like the 8th digit is the determinant: E is US Non-CA, and Y is US California.

    336 bikes accounted for on this list. 55 Orange, 103 Red, 175 Graphite/Blue, 1 Matte Grey, 1 Deep Armor, 2 Unknown color.

    Canada - 35 Bikes accounted for
    VIN# Member Purchased Color
    0017 Rapid red Hamilton, Ontario Vivid Red Cocktail
    0027 9Ball Trenton, Ontario Dark Metallic Grey
    0028 JEAN-ROCH Quebec Vivid Red Cocktail
    0029 Red Rocket Vancouver, BC Vivid Red Cocktail
    0049 We da North New Liskard, Ontario Liquid Graphite
    0052 SagFZ09 Saguenay, Quebec Dark Metallic Grey
    0063 Jorckio Kingston, Ontario Liquid Graphite
    0064 204fz09 Winnipeg, MB Liquid Graphite
    0065 204rider Winnipeg, MB Liquid Graphite
    0070 KingstonDave Kingston, Ontario Dark Metallic Grey
    0077 Quasi Langley, BC Dark Metallic Grey
    0093 Mothy Newport, Nova Scotia Vivid Red Cocktail
    0110 Stephan26 Quebec Vivid Red Cocktail
    0138 younglion Victoria, BC Vivid Red Cocktail
    0248 Motley Cambridge, Ontario Dark Metallic Grey
    0256 Noumenon Calgary Dark Metallic Grey
    0274 buck Ontario Dark Metallic Grey
    0291 jfrancella Sault Ste Marie Dark Metallic Grey
    0299 doozerdave Kitchener, Ontario Vivid Red Cocktail
    0363 RedRay Nova Scotia Vivid Red Cocktail
    0368 FastEddy Vancouver, BC Vivid Red Cocktail
    0374 DMO9r Ontario Blazing Orange
    0376 Cherny780 Edmonton, Alberta Blazing Orange
    0392 Grrrumble Toronto Blazing Orange
    0426 SteveFZ-09 Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia Blazing Orange
    0447 danactive Quebec Blazing Orange
    0469 Steve-0 Winnipeg, MB Blazing Orange
    0479 cza888 Ontario Blazing Orange
    0586 maryleejayne Alberta Liquid Graphite
    0590 tmoffatt Oakville, Ontario Liquid Graphite
    0621 ringatom Grand Falls, Windsor, NL Vivid Red Cocktail
    0641 displacement4me Alberta Vivid Red Cocktail
    0664 Greg the pole Calgary Dark Metallic Grey
    0734 TotesMagotes Vancouver, BC Liquid Graphite
    0744 rbs232 Saskatoon, SK Liquid Graphite

    Other Countries - 7 Bikes accounted for
    VIN# Member Purchased Color
    0301 Poogamer69 Perth, Western Australia Race Blu
    0503 Rekt Perth, Western Australia Race Blu
    0926 Dzjiepie The Netherlands Deep Armor
    0941 smet Antwerp, Belgium Liquid Graphite
    1060 blueZED Germany Race Blu
    1971 FreakyFreak Portugal Matte Grey
    2609 pikes Cape Town, South Africa Blazing Orange

    United States - CA - 53 Bikes accounted for
    VIN# Member Purchased Color
    0004 Yamaha Demo Long Beach, CA Liquid Graphite
    0008 Yamaha Demo Long Beach, CA Rapid Red
    0011 dantheman Azusa, CA Liquid Graphite
    0030 luckywilber Simi Valley, CA Liquid Graphite
    0032 moto126 Los Angeles, CA Liquid Graphite
    0035 Bigcochino Highland, CA Liquid Graphite
    0038 Coreytrevor Central Coast, CA Liquid Graphite
    0043 GreenMonster Newbury Park, CA Rapid Red
    0060 Tunnelvision748 Simi Valley, CA Liquid Graphite
    0061 Stelphin San Diego, CA Liquid Graphite
    0066 bodypilot Irvine, CA Liquid Graphite
    0067 blurpal1925 Huntington Beach, CA Liquid Graphite
    0068 KyleB Oceanside, CA Liquid Graphite
    0076 fz0976 Eureka, CA Rapid Red
    0082 Dr_R Louisville, KY Liquid Graphite
    0087 Tuga Hayward, CA Liquid Graphite
    0090 drez14 Rowland Heights, CA Liquid Graphite
    0098 Tog Santa Maria, CA Liquid Graphite
    0108 zloikish San Diego, CA Liquid Graphite
    0118 1962siia88 Crockett, CA Rapid Red
    0122 billnoroville Oroville, CA Liquid Graphite
    0124 jakson Riverside, CA Liquid Graphite
    0132 jschmidt250 San Marcos, Caq Liquid Graphite
    0133 tedbot Arcadia, CA Liquid Graphite
    0142 ak_rr Los Angeles, CA Liquid Graphite
    0146 MEL'S_TRIPLE_847cc North Hollywood, CA Liquid Graphite
    0148 Rigsby Murrieta, CA Rapid Red
    0164 C. Dolan San Diego, CA Rapid Red
    0164 85EFI Los Angeles, CA Liquid Graphite
    0171 Holios551 Petaluma, CA Rapid Red
    0178 stuarth Fresno, CA Rapid Red
    0180 Travis Riverside, CA Rapid Red
    0195 richp5132 Perris, CA Liquid Graphite
    0203 Lucky_Devil Hayward, CA Rapid Red
    0225 2Triples Eastvale, CA Blazing Orange
    0239 orangeblaze Rancho Santa Margarita, CA Blazing Orange
    0241 B-WAGON Fontana, CA Blazing Orange
    0264 3OFAKIND San Jose, CA Blazing Orange
    0333 ScottMA64 Temecula, CA Liquid Graphite
    0340 EricMick Sonoma, CA Liquid Graphite
    0367 karimy San Diego, CA Rapid Red
    0387 DDman92129 San Diego, CA Rapid Red
    0405 Bio jester Yucaipa, CA Liquid Graphite
    0420 Reaper828 Southern CA Liquid Graphite
    0448 Matt09 San Diego, CA Rapid Red
    0497 Greybush San Diego, CA Liquid Graphite
    0498 aaron Los Angeles, CA Liquid Graphite
    0506 3rdgear Rancho Cucamonga, CA Liquid Graphite
    0550 caffine Santa Cruz, CA Rapid Red
    0585 Wicked 9 Livermore, CA Blazing Orange
    0702 C. Dolan San Diego, CA Rapid Red
    0871 DTM74 Fairfield, CA Liquid Graphite
    0911 motoantunes Bellflower, CA Blazing Orange

    United States - Not CA - 241 Bikes accounted for
    VIN# Member Purchased Color
    0003 Shickey Phoenix, AZ Liquid Graphite
    0004 FZcruisinAZ Tucson, AZ Liquid Graphite
    0006 howwwy Phoenix, AZ Liquid Graphite
    0010 cjhorton Dallas, TX Liquid Graphite
    0019 nburkhouse Albany, NY Liquid Graphite
    0020 RichBaker Tucson, AZ Liquid Graphite
    0021 nickv09 Glendale, AZ Liquid Graphite
    0029 Tempesta Ellicott City, MD Rapid Red
    0033 toml Cincinnati, OH Rapid Red
    0034 chadspur Plano, TX Rapid Red
    0035 Codmol Lexington, KY Rapid Red
    0036 Josh Houston, TX Liquid Graphite
    0048 GoldForks Mesa, AZ Liquid Graphite
    0052 Stoltec Moto* Emmaus, PA Liquid Graphite
    0059 Freelance991 Reno, NV Liquid Graphite
    0063 shannon Tampa Bay, FL Liquid Graphite
    0068 yankeeave Ronkonkoma, NY Rapid Red
    0076 MasonMoto#1 Northern VA Liquid Graphite
    0079 0079 Springfield, MO Liquid Graphite
    0091 DA2520 Beverly, MA Liquid Graphite
    0092 waltzoi Chalfont, PA Liquid Graphite
    0096 NittanyXt State College, PA Liquid Graphite
    0102 chefedij Blakeslee, PA Liquid Graphite
    0105 thestrauser Fredericksburg, PA Liquid Graphite
    0107 y3v New Haven, CT Liquid Graphite
    0112 LehighLuke Philadelphia, PA Liquid Graphite
    0136 Antmo920 Clinton Township, MI Rapid Red
    0143 triplethreat Crossville, TN Rapid Red
    0150 bama67 Martinsburg, WV Rapid Red
    0151 stillkickin Sevierville, TN Rapid Red
    0165 R1jockey Deptford, NJ Rapid Red
    0166 dangerousdan Cincinnati, OH Liquid Graphite
    0174 bmahan Lakeville, MN Liquid Graphite
    0181 seirk Canton, GA Liquid Graphite
    0189 Old Man Concord, NC Liquid Graphite
    0199 versysrider Monroe, WA Liquid Graphite
    0205 FJRider Mukwonogo, WI Liquid Graphite
    0206 Inxsible Chicago, IL Rapid Red
    0214 Foxedupone Barboursville, VA Rapid Red
    0216 Olden Slo Hilliard, OH Rapid Red
    0221 inroads Houston, TX Rapid Red
    0224 RichBinAZ Mesa, AZ Rapid Red
    0234 marthy* Boynton Beach, FL Liquid Graphite
    0235 milwaukeefz09 Muskego, WI Liquid Graphite
    0248 beardog Kingsbury, IN Liquid Graphite
    0253 Roger Middletown, NY Liquid Graphite
    0288 Hammerite Smyrna, GA Liquid Graphite
    0303 arcticrider500 Sheboygan, WI Liquid Graphite
    0319 kmango79 Kentucky Liquid Graphite
    0322 Nakaji Atlanta, GA Liquid Graphite
    0325 FZ-674 Tuscaloosa, AL Liquid Graphite
    0329 jmcghee41 Saltville, VA Liquid Graphite
    0349 Lynchy803 Manchester, NH Rapid Red
    0360 XRRRX Woodstock, IL Rapid Red
    0379 Rides Alone Burlington, IA Liquid Graphite
    0389 eolith Dayton, OH Liquid Graphite
    0404 motorock New York City, NY Liquid Graphite
    0413 whistleillshoot Princeton, NJ Liquid Graphite
    0438 Heli12345 Little Rock, AR Rapid Red
    0443 Biker Baton Rouge, LA Rapid Red
    0446 FZ9Bandit Searcy, Arkansas Rapid Red
    0458 ant2000 Dallas, TX
    0460 Padgett Shawnee, OK Liquid Graphite
    0451 robby54 Honolulu, HI Rapid Red
    0481 Uthelred Denver, CO Liquid Graphite
    0483 fz9rider Austin, TX Liquid Graphite
    0493 JoeZ Albuquerque, NM Liquid Graphite
    0500 drew.t Aurora, CO Liquid Graphite
    0515 drch Honolulu, HI Liquid Graphite
    0529 Pacer Phoenix, AZ Liquid Graphite
    0542 mpw31187 Altus, OK Liquid Graphite
    0549 deadduck357 Weatherford, TX Liquid Graphite
    0544 popo87 College Station, TX Liquid Graphite
    0558 xe0 Eugene, OR Liquid Graphite
    0561 TheFZ09ismine Vancouver, WA Liquid Graphite
    0572 N2faster Portland, OR Liquid Graphite
    0589 nhg2112 Atlanta, GA Liquid Graphite
    0593 fz09taco Providence, RI Liquid Graphite
    0597 Alley Oop Panama City Beach, FL Liquid Graphite
    0605 J Paul Warrenton, VA Liquid Graphite
    0610 threesvts Greenville, SC Liquid Graphite
    0623 tommy two wheels Detroit, MI Liquid Graphite
    0625 deboFZ Papillion, NE Liquid Graphite
    0626 Zakstang Owatonna, MN Liquid Graphite
    0638 ButtFaceMcCrackin Orlando, FL Liquid Graphite
    0639 RidingLilith Saint Paul, MN Liquid Graphite
    0649 baconrocket Nashville, TN Liquid Graphite
    0658 YZ-Guy Tiverton, RI Liquid Graphite
    0660 Brvt1000 Meridian, ID Liquid Graphite
    0667 Raven Belle Fourche, SD Liquid Graphite
    0673 Stellmon Ogden, UT Rapid Red
    0675 Sopers Olympia, WA Rapid Red
    0679 HurricaneHeather Austin, TX Rapid Red
    0705 Itaride Rapid City, SD Rapid Red
    0709 DNFDOUG Nashville, TN Rapid Red
    0710 jmil_8 Oregon (home: Danville, CA) Rapid Red
    0717 asphalt788 Madison, WI Liquid Graphite
    0720 mbolch Grapevine, TX Liquid Graphite
    0726 Rc racer Lewisville, TX Liquid Graphite
    0736 fatfurious2 Northern VA Liquid Graphite
    0742 Bates Enola, PA Blazing Orange
    0758 Camp49 Charleston, SC Liquid Graphite
    0760 Brian-2 Byrdstown, TN Liquid Graphite
    0770 Jen Lititz, PA Liquid Graphite
    0794 mknj671 NJ Liquid Graphite
    0823 gymply Fort Worth, TX Rapid Red
    0824 VW71 Madison, MS Rapid Red
    0835 pressmat Cleveland, TN Rapid Red
    0850 TinfoilHate Lebanon, PA Rapid Red
    0867 Mcmann Lawrenceville, GA Rapid Red
    0868 Hal C. N. Days Blue Ridge, GA Rapid Red
    0877 Jkaiser93 Princeton, NJ Liquid Graphite
    0879 beck East Hanover, NJ Liquid Graphite
    0889 YamahaRN Brooklyn, NY Liquid Graphite
    0893 SMOKE1MOREjerz NJ Liquid Graphite
    0895 behrozrahmani Boca Raton, FL Liquid Graphite
    0902 elusivegiantsquid Boston, MA Liquid Graphite
    0915 Flyboy Eastern TN Liquid Graphite
    0918 jcfrayne New York Blazing Orange
    0923 Shaggiinator West Lafayette, IN Liquid Graphite
    0933 Thantos Cana, VA Liquid Graphite
    0940 sloopy621 Burlington, NC Liquid Graphite
    0944 Lee Drew Birmingham, AL Liquid Graphite
    0993 emtechbali Louisville, KY Liquid Graphite
    1025 MNJohn Zimmerman, MN Liquid Graphite
    1029 yzfr1kev Waynesboro, VA Rapid Red
    1032 FZrdr Centreville, VA Rapid Red
    1038 Masterofgofaster Saratoga, NY Rapid Red
    1055 Smokey88 Hartford, CT Rapid Red
    1086 Grishbok Falls Church, VA Liquid Graphite
    1118 DeadEyeAkc Fairbanks, AK Liquid Graphite
    1125 kingsquid Cleveland, OH Rapid Red
    1129 Blake643 Defiance, OH Rapid Red
    1154 Eva Las Cruces, NM Liquid Graphite
    1156 drifthunter Albuquerque, NM Liquid Graphite
    1169 KipK Marietta, PA Liquid Graphite
    1186 tysdad04 Brighton, CO Liquid Graphite
    1195 CPLFZ09 Plano, TX Liquid Graphite
    1218 ronFz09 Houston, TX Liquid Graphite
    1241 Desert Rat Tucson, AZ Liquid Graphite
    1243 Obijack Jacksonville, FL Liquid Graphite
    1261 NewOn2 Tucson, AZ Liquid Graphite
    1271 trackfiend Fort Worth, TX Liquid Graphite
    1275 Yumeze Tampa Bay, FL Liquid Graphite
    1285 JustWantToRide Wichita Falls, TX Rapid Red
    1289 JD09er Norman, OK Rapid Red
    1321 fast&naked Colorado Springs, CO Rapid Red
    1322 s fortuna Solon Springs, WI Rapid Red
    1360 quicksilver Soldotna, AK Liquid Graphite
    1388 Horsman Denver, CO Liquid Graphite
    1397 pbnut Tucson, AZ Rapid Red
    1411 ca1192trd Austin, TX Rapid Red
    1424 WIpilot Beloit, WI Rapid Red
    1427 janzend Oshkosh, WI Rapid Red
    1456 Slowmo Everett, WA Rapid Red
    1457 Too Old Lansing, MI Rapid Red
    1458 jhalbri Harrisburg, PA Rapid Red
    1459 BlueRidge09 Asheville, NC Rapid Red
    1479 BMcEL Springfield, OR Liquid Graphite
    1483 Spook Lockport, IL Liquid Graphite
    1522 Sleazy Seagull North Kingstown, RI Liquid Graphite
    1533 Rpiper Greencastle, PA Liquid Graphite
    1543 robf52535 Fairfield, IA Rapid Red
    1561 Motodunner Salem, OR Rapid Red
    1608 Mortalfever Clermont, FL Liquid Graphite
    1620 jrevans Sidney, ME Liquid Graphite
    1627 trimoto South Coventry, CT Liquid Graphite
    1663 10JGCSRT8 Montclair, NJ Liquid Graphite
    1676 rtsb Puyallup, WA Liquid Graphite
    1700 BLUESHOES South Florida Liquid Graphite
    1713 weirdsteve Philadelphia, PA Rapid Red
    1752 Fuzz09 BWI, MD Blazing Orange
    1787 cthouse Sicklerville, NJ Rapid Red
    1788 GaryC Belleville, NJ Rapid Red
    1827 orangefz Naples, ME Blazing Orange
    1873 Snuzz Bridgeport, WV Blazing Orange
    1884 Iz1888 Queens, NY Blazing Orange
    1908 fz09guy Eveleth, MN Blazing Orange
    1934 CJNFZ-09 Southeast GA Blazing Orange
    1947 nrenn Waterloo, IA Blazing Orange
    1951 Andicat Farmington, MO Blazing Orange
    1961 motopuck Columbus, OH Blazing Orange
    2009 Nezumi Clearwater, FL Blazing Orange
    2029 j-bird Spencer, TN Blazing Orange
    2036 gearsmasher Memphis, TN Blazing Orange
    2037 Ponente Miami, FL Blazing Orange
    2051 weaponzero Pittsburgh, PA Blazing Orange
    2067 Fozzy Ardmore, OK Blazing Orange
    2068 Killians87 Lufkin, TX Blazing Orange
    2071 Tripleblaze Daphne, AL Blazing Orange
    2080 tinygiant Nashville, GA Rapid Red
    2181 Warrior108 Victoria, TX Blazing Orange
    2183 Bpaz Springfield, MO Blazing Orange
    2213 Anoman Wilmington, OH Rapid Red
    2214 Krusing Southwest MN Rapid Red
    2217 ridethepiggy Spokane, WA Rapid Red
    2262 rale Kennesaw, GA Rapid Red
    2276 D Dubs Marshfield, WI Rapid Red
    2290 FJR-fz09 Vancouver, WA Rapid Red
    2339 TAG1138 Moultrie, GA Rapid Red
    2342 Rayminator Weeki Wachee, FL Rapid Red
    2350 knobbyaddiction Meridian, ID Blazing Orange
    2421 Crosshairs Gouldsboro, PA Blazing Orange
    2450 bigweb2001 Atlanta, GA Rapid Red
    2490 RockSlyde Goose Creek, SC Rapid Red
    2505 BAF Clifton Park, NY Rapid Red
    2512 Vtgreywolf Pinehurst, NC Blazing Orange
    2521 runk Fairton, NJ Blazing Orange
    2524 Fizzerpilot Indianapolis, IN Blazing Orange
    2535 walkermc20 Greenville, SC Blazing Orange
    2662 nicobaires Ringwood, NJ Blazing Orange
    2667 Artek Jersey City, NJ Blazing Orange
    2700 MNJohn Zimmerman, MN Rapid Red
    2714 phm14 Houston, TX Rapid Red
    2732 ZJumper Chandler, AZ Rapid Red
    2756 broncsrule21 Lakewood, CO Blazing Orange
    2782 fofiddy Birmingham, AL Rapid Red
    2819 afi1 Savannah, GA Blazing Orange
    2849 Moonchopper Durham, NC Blazing Orange
    2852 racingtwincities Hudson, WI Blazing Orange
    2906 chris1261 Clifton, NJ Rapid Red
    2946 hotshoe6 Augusta, ME Blazing Orange
    3025 Willis Charleston, SC Blazing Orange
    3097 zoeman Oxford, PA Blazing Orange
    3116 sconnie Racine, WI Blazing Orange
    3118 dresevski Minneapolis, MN Rapid Red
    3131 robbz28 Epps, LA Blazing Orange
    3132 Wat Longview, TX Blazing Orange
    3171 ramblinman Orlando, FL Blazing Orange
    3287 voytek NJ Rapid Red
    3324 Evil Mechanic Baltimore, MD Blazing Orange
    3424 yerwol Upstate SC Rapid Red
    3471 Ottoman Seattle, WA Liquid Graphite
    3478 Mjdtyler88 Olympia, WA Liquid Graphite
    3593 TheFirerider Albemarle, NC Liquid Graphite
    3742 Shortcut Lake Park, FL Liquid Graphite
    3749 Stunami Boston, MA Rapid Red
    3764 cbennett Columbus, OH Liquid Graphite
    3811 benzimm86 Random Lake, WI Liquid Graphite
    3914 Beef Treats Mesa, AZ Liquid Graphite
    3916 labrat Jupiter, FL Liquid Graphite
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    very nice good work
    eolith likes this.

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    Dayton, OH
    MS excel in-line code FTW

    now if we can get these #s added to the member map, it would be interesting to see how the numbers dropped around the country.

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    San Diego, CA
    061 Here.. In San Diego, CA.

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    Western NC
    #322 here in Asheville, NC. Purchased in ATL.

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    State College PA
    96 Also posted in the other thread

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    Aug 2013
    Dayton, OH

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    Oct 2013
    Woodbury, MN
    #174 in Woodbury, MN. Purchased a Graphite Gray on October 10th in Lakeville.
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    Dayton, OH
    grats and welcome!

    (also, updated)

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    Mesa AZ, USA
    224 Mesa, Az
    2014 FZ-09 + Stoltec Shock
    2001 Triumph Bonneville
    1991 GSX1100G (the shafty Bandit)

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