Well, I finally finished up with the installation of my Stoltec GP fork cartridges over the weekend and put the bike back together last night! I did buy a used Stoltec Penske Double clicker over the winter from a forum member (Thanks Crosshairs) and put that in a while back as well. I have to say that Nick's customer service was stellar throughout this process and I had a lot of questions, hehe. In the end everything went together without issue. Today it was about 49 degrees and REALLY windy but I decided to take the old beast out for a shakedown ride. I was actually surprised at how much more firm the bike rode compared to stock but there was one big difference...it was compliant over bumps, etc. I did set my sag on both ends and after the shakedown run made a few adjustments and I think it is pretty close. I will leave it alone until we get some warmer weather. In the corners it was like a different bike.......firm and scalpel like! Overall, I am VERY happy with the change and I look forward to some warmer weather!

Out of curiosity for guys that have the GP cartridges and Double clicker, where did you settle on your compression and rebound settings....?