Bar end mirror question
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Bar end mirror question

This is a discussion on Bar end mirror question within the XSR900 Builds forums, part of the Yamaha XSR900 Cafe Racer Forum category; Any idea how he did this and what mirrors those are? I like the use of the factory bar ends....

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Thread: Bar end mirror question

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    Bar end mirror question

    Bar end mirror question-screen-shot-2017-04-17-7.13.18-am.jpg

    Any idea how he did this and what mirrors those are? I like the use of the factory bar ends.

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    those r not the stock bar ends, eBay

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    I got the bar ends from a Super Tenere. They have threaded ends for the bark busters that come stock with it. The mirrors bolted right up with no problems.

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    I just did this mod this past weekend with a pair of 7/8" bar end mirrors. Option 1 is to purchase some aftermarket bar ends with the mirror mounting grove built in (i.e. Rhino moto), Option 2 is modify the stock bar ends (have them turned down) or Option 3 is to create a spacer for the stock bar ends. I've used Option 1 with other bikes but decided to try Option 3 for the XSR. When you remove the stock bar ends there are 3 different diameters visible on the part, the largest which you normally see sticking out past the grips, the next level down which fits inside the grip section of the bar and then the smallest which is the threaded section that goes into the bar itself. Luckily that second portion of the bar-end (the one that just fits under the grip) is already the right diameter to mount the 7/8" mirrors, so all you need to do is create a spacer the same width as your mirror mount to help the bar ends stick out enough beyond the grip to create the mirror mounting surface.

    I picked up some 1/2" PVC piping at home depot and cut two spacers just wide enough to push the bar ends out to fit the 7/8 bar end mirrors. This allows you to tighten down the bar end appropriately but doesn't pull it as far under the grip thereby leaving space to mount the mirrors. At the end of the day there's 1/2" less of threading going into the bar end, but still plenty for it to hold, especially with some blue Loctite applied.

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    I did a thread on this not too long ago. I bought some aluminium bar ends and machined anthem down to fit clamp on bar end mirrors. Works a treat!

    Stop polishing it and ride the bloody thing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by REATOR View Post
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 7.13.18 AM.jpg 
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    Any idea how he did this and what mirrors those are? I like the use of the factory bar ends.
    Hey REATOR: I've got these on my XSR. Guitar1616's XSR900 [Never-ending] Build...

    I purchased mine on Amazon, but they're available all over (eBay, etc.). Probably the best $20-$25 I've purchased for the bike, other than a few tanks of gas!

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    yEA you can get those cheap on ebay. I found that they gave the best visibility..even compared to the original mirrors. I just didn't like that they make the bike so much wider.

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